We ship to every part of the world except Moldova and Thailand. International shipments are made once a week. If you have any questions about international shipping, please contact us by telegram at +38 (067) 586-78-67 (nickname @lavka_molfara_ua) or place your order through the catalog on the main page. The minimum order price is $30. You can also use the online chat at the bottom right.

If your package doesn't make it through, we will refund you the full price, excluding shipping and handling charges. The payment includes the cost of shipping, which usually ranges from $16 to $20 for airfreight in a box. The average delivery time is 10 to 25 days. At the moment, deliveries to Europe are done without delays and are fast.

We accept the following payment methods: direct deposit to "Privat Bank" bank card, Western Union, PayPal (no commission) and any cryptocurrency (USDT, BNB, BTC). Data for payment will be sent after order placement. We send via Ukrposhta. To track the parcel by tracking number, go to ukrposhta.com.ua.

We list the parcel as a gift and estimate its value at $10-15 to avoid taxes. We ship once a week, usually on Tuesdays or Fridays. All parcels are delivered, with the exception of Moldova. However, there are sporadic returns of parcels. If a parcel does not pass customs, we will refund you the full amount minus the shipping cost. Such returns are very rare and occur about once every 50 shipments.

We ask you to provide the recipient's information in English, and individual data must be entered on a new line.

For example:
Index - W71 HY53
Street - 28 Madrid Square
City - Barcelona
Country - Spain
Name - Oleg Festenko
Phone - +37352151212821

We successfully delivered our mushrooms to the following countries: Abkhazia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Vietnam, Germany, Greece, Georgia, Denmark, Estonia, Egypt, Israel, India, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, Canada, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, USA, Tajikistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland.
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