Microdosing of amanita muscaria (fly agaric) and lion's mane in capsules, powder with delivery all over Europe and the world

These magical mushrooms can not only improve your physical and mental well-being, but they also allow you to find harmony in your life.
In addition, the amanita muscaria (fly agaric) can be full of energy, improve sleep quality and give you confidence for every day.
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If you want to try to improve your condition using healing mushrooms for the first time, then the mix of amanita muscaria (red fly agaric) and lion's mane is ideal for taking for 1 or 2 months. This combination gives the most strong effect of these useful mushrooms. Microdising works through the accumulative effect. Half month using will not be enough to feel extensively and consolidate the effect. Optimal course is from 1 to 3 months.

Amanita Muscaria (Red Fly agaric) is not a drug.

According to the current legislation of Ukraine, it is absolutely legal to collect, store, consume, sell and buy amanita muscaria (red fly agarics) and it is absolutely allowed. This is one of the few plant endogens which is allowed almost all over the world.

The amanita muscaria (red fly agaric) is your friend and helper, you should not be afraid of it. These medicinal mushrooms are eaten by many animals to get rid of parasites: elk, bears, deer, squirrels. In ancient times, they were used to make medicines for wounds, burns, to treat joints, even eye diseases.

Meet the fly agaric
With the amanita muscaria (red fly agaric) microdosing course you will be able to
Increase Efficiency
Increase your productivity and do more in less time. You will get creativity, successful solution of difficult tasks and problems.
Boost Immunity
Give a powerful boost to your immune system to defend against viruses. Amanita muscaria (red fly agaric) clears from bad bacteria.
Become More Confident
Increase self-confidence, gain positivity and ease of communication. Many people consider this is one of the most evident effects.
give up Bad Habits
It will help you to give up bad habits and live a happy life. You will feel the inner need for proper and healthy nutrition.
be full of energy
Spend time with more energy to remain focused and motivated. Your day will be at your disposal and you will finally be able to live a more quality and productive life.
It will help to cope with depression safely, avoid negative thoughts and maintain emotional balance. The thousands of people after trying of amanita muscaria (red fly agaric) have finally been able to start acting: someone has started a business, someone has started going to the gym and someone has begun creating.
Improve sleep
Take away depression forever
Taking amanita muscaria (red fly agaric) in the evening improves the quality of sleep significantly. It helps to fall asleep quickly. Your dreams will be brighter, more colorful and realistic. In the morning you will feel refreshed and a burst of energy.
Restore the body
This medicine relieves muscle and joint pains, including long-standing ones and helps the body recover faster after heavy physical exertion.
It is an additional effect for those who practise yoga and meditation. Amanita muscaria (red fly agaric) significantly enhances the effect and makes it possible to immerse yourself in meditation faster, become more aware and take control of your state. It helps to enhance the effect of working with a psychotherapist.
Преодоление зависимости от алкоголя, курения, наркотиков и других вредных привычек. Способствуют творческому развитию, избавлению от депрессии и страхов, выходу из пограничных психологических состояний.

2 капсулы в день на голодный желудок (утро-вечер)

Преодоление зависимости от алкоголя, курения, наркотиков и других вредных привычек.
Способствовать творческому развитию, избавлению от депрессии и страхов, выходу из пограничных психологических состояний.
Стимулирует развитие мозга и улучшает когнитивные способности.
Ноотропные эффекты значительно улучшают работу мозга для лучшего обучения и решения проблем.

2 капсулы в день на голодный желудок (утро-вечер)

3 капсулы в день на голодный желудок (утро-День-вечер)

Flyworms, which are carefully collected in the forests of the Carpathian Mountains. Dried at the right temperature, cleaned of sand and debris. Passed through drying by a special scientific method that best preserves the useful properties.

Minimum order for worldwide delivery from $50.

Successfully delivered our mushrooms to such countries: Abkhazia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Vietnam, Germany, Greece, Georgia, Denmark, Estonia, Egypt, Israel, India, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, Canada, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, USA, Tajikistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland.

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Here are unique stories of real people after using microdosing. You can also study all the effects of fly agaric on the body and see scientific studies.

Try it and feel the effect
You will get deep, healthy and restful sleep, with vivid and colorful dreams. Fears and anxieties go away.
First week
You'll be in a good mood and have a positive attitude to solve life's problems. Now it's just fun for you, and you start to take everything with a grain of salt. Your self-confidence starts to go through the roof, but this is a state where you are very calm and can easily communicate with anyone.
Second week
You feel motivated with a sense of vigor and vitality. You return to your childhood, where you enjoyed doing things and were happy and energetic. At this time, you may develop many new hobbies. Many people also start their own business after microdosing.
Third week
You can easily give up addictions and bad habits. It's as if you get the remote control of your brain and body and feel how much these habits are ruining you.
Fourth week
Попробуйте и ощутите эффект
As a result, it helps to improve all areas of life:
  • You will sleep like a child
  • Feeling of calmness and improved concentration
  • Self-confidence is off the charts
  • Constant good mood
  • Strong immunity
  • The desire to develop and try something new
  • Anxiety and stress will disappear
  • Antioxidant effect. Many inflammations disappear.
  • Much more conscious state, fewer bad thoughts and quarrels with family

There are a lot of effects after taking it. The main thing is that these effects are felt by everyone who takes red fly agaric. It is a very versatile natural medicine that has long been used by healers and shamans.
The most important thing is that we always remove the stem of the mushroom. We do not need it because there are no active ingredients in it. To make microdosing, we use only selected fresh fly agaric caps.

And now this beautiful fly agaric will go from a toxic mushroom, to a safe capsule of our microdosing:

To ensure safety, we ourselves take part in the collection and harvesting of mushrooms from ecologically clean forests of the Carpathians and Volyn, away from roads and factories.
We guarantee that our jars contain only quality mushrooms.
Gathering in the right place
After careful manual cleaning of sand and debris, the caps are sent to special drying chambers, where they are dried according to a special procedure "to the crisp. This is the most important stage of production. It evaporates all toxins and poisons.
Drying the flats
Before going to rest, the mushroom is vacuum packed and goes through a freezing stage, only then it is sent to a dark, cool place for a month. This helps to make sure that the ibotenic acid residue is fully decarboxylated into muscimol and the mushrooms are safe to use.
Dry hat roasting
After finishing seasoning, the mushroom contains maximum muscimol and useful beta-glucans. This kind of fly agaric is completely safe. Now the powder for microdosing capsules will be made from these capsules. Only a portion of the finished raw material is used in this process, ensuring that every batch that goes on sale is fresh.
Completion of production


  • Manual encapsulation to fill a precisely calibrated dose
  • tamper-evident jar for extra security
You will definitely feel the effect of our mushrooms
When you open the jar you will smell mushrooms - this is a sign of a quality microdose. If our batch will not have this smell, we will replace it with a batch of twice as much + you get a discount on the next batch.
Be careful when buying too cheap batches on other sites. Often such batches do not contain the right amount of fly agaric and will not give you the desired effect, as they contain mostly impurities and stems.
We strictly follow the regulations of our production, maintaining all the standards for manufacturing and preserving all the useful properties. This allows us to maintain the same content of active ingredients in each batch.
Answers to popular questions
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